Ensemble Options

A quartet of string players is just one of the options that are available when booking us. We are able to accommodate most requests as we have played events/weddings that have ranged from solo players all the way up to chamber ensembles of 25 musicians. So whatever you would like we can provide. Below there is a list of groups and options below that we can put together but if you would like any instruments/voice options not listed please don't hesitate to ask.


  • String Quartet - 2 Violins, a Viola & Cello.

  • String Trio - 2 Violins & Cello.

  • String Duet - Violin & Cello

  • We also can substitute a Flute in for a violin in any of the above groups. 

  • Vocalist (Male or Female) with any of the options above.

  • We can also use any other instruments you would like in the groups above such as the Piano, Harp, Guitar etc..